The Alberta Provincial Family Resource Networks (FRNs) provide supports and services to help Alberta families become resilient, strong and healthy. Networks deliver prevention and early intervention services and supports for children and youth aged 0 to 18, as well as supports for parents and caregivers.

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As a professional development trainer, what I also recognize as important and valuable is funded evidence-based classes for parents and access to funded supports and resources for children and their families.

Below are a few online and onsite classes I facilitate within the Alberta Family Resource Network (FRN) with Families Matter Society in Calgary.

Helping Children Learn to Recognize Their Stress & Emotions – For Parents with Children Ages 7 to 12 March,  Ages 2 to 7 April & May.  Programs by “Strong Minds Strong Kids Psychology Canada” –  “Kids Have Stress Too!” and “Stress Lessons” Programs.  Fully funded.

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting April Based the work of Joan Durrant, this eight-week session workshop addresses the roots of positive discipline, beginning with the relationship between parent and child and moving on to ages and stages of development. Learning is based on the two pillars of a strong relationship, structure, and warm. Fully funded.

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